Xiao Blog Engine Features

Xiao Blog Engine Bootstrap Responsive Theme

Xiao Blog has the following features:

  • Node + Express + Mongoose/MongoDB + Swig template stack.
  • Bootstrap 3 responsive theme.
  • Modular architecture pattern (Model, View, Controller, Route) recommended by MEAN.js.
  • Markdown blog post browser editor with preview.
  • Featured image for posts.
  • Built-in comments template in every post backed by Disqus.
  • Built-in social sharing/following links for Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • Google Recaptcha form submittal.
  • Google API for gmail contact messages.
  • Tag cloud using MongoDB map/reduce for counts and font size.

Xiao Blog Detailed Feature Posts


Welcome to the Xiao Blog engine website. Take a look around to find out how Xiao Blog can help you quickly get your blog up and running. Check out the code and use the Feature posts to walk through your own Node JS Express tutorial.

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